Small framed portfolio prints

Woodenframe with portfolio print

These little 15x10 prints were used for curators as either gifts or to show my work to them or to colleagues. Wonderful small little artwork in wooden white frame is now available in the shop!

Set of 5 cards A6 Red Pequena with envelope

Stack discount/Stapelkorting

Once every year I clear my stock and because of my exhibition at Kunstgarage Franx, you can order the small card sets for 10 euro now instead of 15. 

If you add yourself to the distribution list we will ship them free of charge. We can also ship them directly to someone else as a present. Only 19 sets are left. 

Valentine offer

Do you want to surprise someone or youself with a gorgeous print that you reminds you even on greyer days that spring is always coming? 

The perfect Valentine gift is now available for 75 euro excluding shipment. It is printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper and this limited edition is signed and numbered on the back.

In the webshop you can find also cards that you can send for Valentine so there is a choice for everyone!

Thank you for visiting my garden

Living from art is never easy, so it is already great that you made it to my page! As sustainable, green and durable as possible, welcome in my colourful world made all analogue in my garden. Enjoy and if you  have any questions or other ideas, send me a message! Or add your email addres via News& Discounts

X-mas cards sold out

Thank you everyone, last cards were sold last night and they will be dispatched the coming week.  They will not be coming again this year. Unless you are ordering say 10 sets or more because of start-up costs.  In that case send you me a message, and of course with that many sets you will get some additional warmth (and a discount of course ;-)


Orders shipped end of August

 An artist needs a holiday now or then (not too often according to neoliberal standards, so I won't).  I will be gone camping for 10 days in August and after that set up my exhibition in Switzerland at the Fotofestival Lenzburg opening on August 26, and you are very welcome to join me there or pay me a visit (send me a direct message from Instagram or an email). 

This means orders will be shipped on my return to the Netherlands on 31 August.

This photo was shot there and is now orderable in the shop together with a few others. The  proceedings will fund my trip to a residency in Canada next year, when I want to cooperate with locals on botanic research and what we can learn from other traditions. If your house is already full of art and cards, or you are more into minimalistic art, there is also the option to make a donation via PayPal by clicking the button below.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer holiday this year.

New set of cards: Bouquet!
You can order them now

Field bouquet

Bunch of flowers I picked in walking distance of the garden

Spring Blossom

Delicate branches with blossoms against the window in the garden house


Playing with the light on a pot with two Magnolia branches on the garden house floor


23 & 24 april Buy My Darlings

Buy my darlings is a small fair in the weekend of 23 and 24 april where photographers sell their artworks directly to their fans. I will introduce my new cards there, and of course some prints are for sale. 

Come and say hi, it costs nothing and the top of the Dutch photography world will be there!  ( From 11AM till 5PM, NDSM-plein 29 in Amsterdam, 15 minutes by ferry from Amsterdan Central Station or parking at the location for 1,40 per hour)

Romantic cards

I made three cards with the idea of touch and smell and with a light reference to modern emoticons. You can find them in my store. As always shot on Kodak Ektar with an old Minolta camera.

Besides this lovely image there is also an image of wild peaches (derived from the word Persia) and one with a shell and a feather that I found here in the garden. 

This time the cards are a bit cheaper than normal because these are almost gone. So only 14 euro for 3 double cards printed on bio-top paper with kraft paper envelopes.

X-mas cards coming in november

Color Explosion: a new set of cards

I selected a new set of cards  with loads of reds and pinks, called Color Explosion. Also referring to the time of year where all of a sudden everything bursts of life. As with all images, shot on analog film mostly with the  X700.

Birthday or present for someone?
All the card sets are wrapped so you can give them as a present to someone. You can send them also directly as a gift: add the name and address of the lucky gal or fella when checking out and put a message in the notes field. I will add a handwritten card with your message.

During the exhibition of my work at Rietveld Paviljoen in Amersfoort you can also buy them in the gallery till end of August!   

Trying to be as gorgeous to the planet as well. All sustainable in recycled materials and avoiding use of plastics and limited editions. Will never produce more than 50 cards of the same image.

The shop for very special Fine-art prints


Whether it is a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any other occasion, you can find it here in my modest shop with new additions every month. All photographed, printed or painted by myself by hand here in the garden. 

I live as sustainable as possible and therefore will avoid using any plastics. Your print will be sent in strong recycled paper envelops and sealed with paper tape. 

Quotes from my customers:
-  Katherine Oktober Matthews (writer Gup magazine): A new work of art for my apartment, from Henri’s garden series. Something pretty, elegant and simple to look at in these strange times.

- Carole Rey (photographer): There is something magical about your work.  You have a very special talent to capture the softness and poetry of flowers.

Masja Ros(musician and campaign manager ): Impressed! What is there not to like? Nothing! I like everything! 

- Saskia Aukema (author and photographer): Henri has unique view on the world. Follow his fairy tale garden on Facebook and look him up if you want to give someone a gift.

What you buy

I work with old cameras, like the Nikkormat FTS2 or the 1992 Minolta Dynax 9xi. Once the Ektar films are developed, I scan the film and remove dust particles. The last step is to enhance the photos in the digital darkroom. 

In the prints, there might be hardly noticeable traces of the analog process, which adds to the beauty of working in the old way. This gives a unique feeling to the images, so you experience the traditional craft of photography.

How it all started

In March of this year, we went to lock-down. With no place to live after my divorce last year, I was stuck in my garden. Only occasionally seeing my 7-year old daughter and my ex-husband, it felt quite lonely at times. There was only one thing to do, make the most of my garden.  

I started growing plants from seeds and later in the year vegetables. But of course, that didn't provide an income with all my assignments as an artist/photographer canceled.

Although having photographed flowers and plants all my life, it only then struck me that I could make my garden the starting point of something new. I was looking and contemplating for weeks on possible solutions, and all of a sudden realized, my garden is my passion. I was standing on top of it for years but had completely missed it.

So this is all brand new to me, and just starting. If you have any questions or comments, also on my gardening skills, you are very welcome to send them. The images may look good, but I am still an amateur in gardening.

All photos here are for sale, if it is not in the shop, and you are interested, contact me directly. Thank you, and welcome to my garden!