Customer statements

Quotes from my customers:
-  Katherine Oktober Matthews (writer Gup magazine): A new work of art for my apartment, from Henri’s garden series. Something pretty, elegant and simple to look at in these strange times.

- Carole Rey (photographer): There is something magical about your work. You have a very special talent to capture the softness and poetry of flowers.

- Masja Ros(musician and campaign manager ): Impressed! What is there not to like? Nothing! I like everything!

- Saskia Aukema (author and photographer): Henri has unique view on the world. Follow his fairy tale garden on Facebook and look him up if you want to give someone a gift.

Meet the photographer

Born in the south of the Netherlands in a small village called Klundert, I was already intrigued in flowers at a young age. Running through the meadows, I picked whatever I liked. Not always a very manly thing to do. Sometimes I let the flowers slip out of my hand inconspicuously when I noticed that I was observed by others. But you grow older and slowly you accept and embrace everything that is specific for you.

Not that I really had a chance of doing it differently because my surname is giving it already away. Blommers is derived from the Dutch word of flowers (bloem). So actually you could say my name is Henri from the flowers.

After a career in IT and having photographed since my childhood, starting with my grandfathers camera at grammar school, I graduated in 2010 from the Photoacademy in Amsterdam. From then on I focused completely on photography. A tough decision but my passion was inevitable. I had to pursue this feeling inside of me and all my life choices are made to grow in this craft.

Curriculum Vitae

Besides Garden of Henri, I have been a professional photographer for about 20 years now. My work has been published besides the Netherlands in Brazil, China, Russia, South-Africa, Italy, France and won't mention the US and Germany because they were of portraits that I do as well.

Exhibitions of my work took place also in many countries up till this point, I am not bragging here, so I will leave it with that. If you would like to know in detail, you can visit my other website,
For more information on awards and residencies, check that website too. 

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